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Our website is still under development, information and content of this website are subject to change.

Creations - our community's featured content

Take a look at some of the newest content from our Devs!
We want to support our developers by giving them a place to post their work, you can find things like Indie games, artwork, music/audio, scripts/writing, resources and much more.


E3 - what was your favourite game of E3 2017 ?

Since E3 2017 is done and dusted, head on over to our Discord and tell us what your favourite games were and why!

oh and please bring PIZZA, we're all out.

About DevPizza

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Our goal is to create a community for everyone who loves gaming (developing and playing) and technology. Our community is primarily based on Discord and this website (devpizza.com). Approved developers that are apart of our community are given the oppertunity to have their work (games, art, music/audio, etc) shown off on our website (devpizza.com). We are avid gamers and tech lovers, so we have also decided that we are going to review the latest video games, software and tech (that we can get our hands on).

Dev's are welcome to post their devlogs on our forum and upload their games (that abide by our rules) there too!

This website is currently under development, so keep in mind that some of the things on here could change.
If you have any feedback please send it to contact@devpizza.com.

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