DevPizza was founded on the 9th of April 2017.
DevPizza was founded by Blatchford and Mischa, who hope to see devpizza grow into something amazing. DevPizza is aiming to provide a place to highlight work from our discord community (Game Dev Club), game and tech reviews, and many more things.
We are also currently working on a co-working-space and workshop for game developers who are local to our area.

Game Dev Club (originally - Game Dev Café) Friday October 14th 2016.
We founded Game Dev Club to provide a place for aspiring game developers and tech enthusiast.
Since then our community has steadily grown to 900+ members and has no signs of stopping.

Our Discord server is open to everyone from new game developers, developers looking for teams, to people wanting to a place to share their work. We also provide support for new game developers.

Old Logo Designs: